Sun 9/17/2017 13:10:32
International Conference on ‘MFCA’ to be hosted by I.R.IRAN

The international conference on ‘Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA)’ will be hosted by I.R.IRAN, from 28th to 30th of Shahrivar [September, 19-21, 2017], with cooperation of the National Iranian Productivity Organization (NIPO) and the Asian Productivity Organization (APO).
   As reported by the Public Relations of NIPO, well-known and distinguished professors and resource persons from Germany, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Japan, Republic of China, and Vietnam will present their latest findings of successful experiences on the implementation of MFCA. Mr. Zinouri, from Malaysia, will represent the APO in the conference.
   Also, 80 experts and practitioners of green productivity will attend the conference including experts from I.R.Iran, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Republic of China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.
   MFCA is known as one of the modern techniques of Green Productivity which has been practiced during recent years in many industrial units in Germany, Japan, Malaysia, etc. and led to the compilation of ISO 14051. The method has led to promotion of productivity, reduction of final price, and protection of environment.
   It is noteworthy that, the National Committee of MFCA has been formed by NIPO and with cooperation of relevant executive agencies including ‘Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance’, ‘Department of Environment’, ‘Iranian National Standard Organization’, ‘Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade’, ‘Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization’, ‘National Iranian Oil Company’, Sahand University of Technology’, and the ‘Islamic Azad University, Science & Research Branch’ and aims to educate, disseminate, and standardize the executive fundamentals of the technique.
   It is notable that the book ‘Manual on Material Flow Cost Accounting: ISO 14051’ written by Hiroshi Tachikava has been translated and published by NIPO for the use of experts in this field.

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